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Traffic Management Requests

This article goes over the functionality of Traffic Management Requests section within Works.

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The Traffic Management Requests section is designed for companies that want a simplistic interface for their site engineers to input potential booking scope of works. When creating a new traffic management request you're able to fill in the shift type, potential start and end date, work environment, works description and location of works.

Traffic Management Requests are able to be assigned a status of Pending, Request, Rejected, Accepted or Cancelled. These statuses notify your office employees of the progress of the request.

How to create Traffic Management Requests

  1. Navigate to Works on the side tab bar

  2. Select Traffic Management Requests on the top tab bar

  3. Click +New

  4. Select Client, Project and Requester from the dropdown menus

  5. Fill in the worksite plan details including start and end date and time, work environment, area, works description, works required and location.

  6. Option to draw a polygon on the map

  7. Select shift type

  8. Create

How to create a Worksite plan from Traffic Management Request

Once a Traffic Management Request is accepted, you're able to use those details supplied to create a Worksite plan.

  1. Select Works on the side tab bar

  2. Click the accepted Traffic Management Request

  3. Scroll down in the overview to the Works section

  4. Click +New

  5. Click the + button beside the Works drop-down menu

  6. Check the details and if correct click the Create button on the top right corner

  7. This will open a secondary tab. Select the Create

  8. This works plan will now be created in an Incomplete status ready to add required plans and permits.

Creating Bookings from Traffic Management Requests

The Client, Projects, Start and End-time information within the Traffic Management Request can be directly used to create a booking.

  1. Select Works

  2. Click the +Job button next to the Traffic Management Request you want to create a booking for

  3. Scroll through and confirm the booking details

  4. Select the booking requirements

  5. Create

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