Traffio provides functionality to record current odometer and run-hour readings against vehicles and run-hour readings against equipment. You can configure Traffio to update these values based on answers provided in form submissions from on-site personnel.

Key Points

  • You must link the form to a vehicle or equipment resource by setting the availability options on the form.

  • Your form must have a 'Measurement' question with an 'Action' set to 'Update vehicle odometer' or 'Update vehicle or equipment run-hours'.

Getting started

Before you begin, you will need the 'Create forms' and 'Update forms' permissions. If you do not have access, contact your Traffio administrator.

Configuring the Form

Go to Forms and choose the form you would like to use to update a vehicle or equipment's odometer or run-hours reading. Alternatively, you can create a new form.

Setting form availability

Once you are in the form overview, you need to make sure the form availability is set to either 'Bookings with specific resources' OR 'Anytime with a specific resource'.

Then, in the "One submission per" section, choose which vehicle or equipment resources you would like to add.

With this setting is applied, the person submitting the form will be asked which vehicle or piece of equipment they are using from the list of resources that you have selected.

Note: Make sure you have selected all the vehicle resources you would like to include. If a resource is not selected, the system will not know how to update the ODO.

Adding the Form Question

In a new revision of a form, add a new 'Measurement' field.

Type in the question you would like to add and the unit.

In the action field, select the 'Update vehicle odometer' or 'Update vehicle or equipment run-hours' option. This determines which field, odometer or run-hours, on the corresponding vehicle or piece of equipment is updated when the form is submitted.

Click save, when you have finished editing your form.

If you would like to activate the form, click publish and activate.

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