Depot Groups

This article explains depot groups and how to create them.

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Getting Started

By default, only people with Administrator access will have the Depot Group Acces permission turned on.

Depot groups allow you to split your organisation into groups and control the access of employees to each portion. This accommodates businesses that have a large number of depots but office staff who only schedule or need access to a small number of them.

By default, everyone has access to all depot groups, and that must be first turned off per person. This will allow organisations that do not use depot groups to continue on.

Whats restricted?

When an employee is restricted to particular depots they will only be able to see the resources, people and data assigned to the depots included in the depot group.

This includes:

  • Depots

  • Reporting Data

  • Equipment

  • Sites

  • Assets

  • Bookings

  • Leave

  • Kit

  • People

  • Vehicles

  • Blocklists

Access to Clients has not changed at this stage and will follow the existing territory rules.

How to turn on Depot Group Access

Only workers with Administrator and Manager level access are able to grant permissions.

  1. Navigate to Admin

  2. Select Access levels on top tab bar

  3. Choose an employee whose access you'd like to change

  4. Toggle on Depot Group Access

  5. Save

Creating Depot Groups

Only workers with Depot Group Access have the ability to change people's depot group and create and edit depot groups.

  • A depot group can contain one or more depots.

  • A depot can be included in many depot groups.

How to create a depot group

  1. Navigate to My Company

  2. Select Depot Groups on top tab bar

  3. Click + New

  4. Name your depot group

  5. From the Depots drop-down, attach the depots you want in this group

  6. Save

Managing employee's depot group access

Only employees with the access level office staff and above will be displayed in the depot group person interface. Employees will always have access to the depot in which they reside.

A person with Depot group access will always have access to all depot groups, and will be denoted by a green cog, rather than a green tick

How to manage an employees depot group access

  1. Navigate to My Company

  2. Select Depot Group People in the top tb bar

  3. By default, employees have access to all depot groups. Untick the Access all depots column

  4. Tick the depots' groups you'd like the employee to have access to and untick the others

  5. Save

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