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Creating a vehicle induction
Creating a vehicle induction

Learn how to create, set up and add vehicle inductions to a vehicle

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Vehicle inductions are skills or sets of requirements for a vehicle. You can use inductions to ensure your vehicle have the correct skillset for certain jobs.

How to create a new induction

Navigate to the vehicle page on the sidebar and select inductions on the top toolbar.

From here, you can click new to create an induction.

Add your induction name and details.

You can add an expiry date to your induction in the section that states lifetime in months. This refers to how long the induction is valid.

You can know when its time to renew an induction through the notification period. The notification period will let the system know when to remind you when a skill is expiring soon. The idea behind this is to give yourself enough time to renew the skill before it expires.

Adding an induction to a vehicle

Navigate to the vehicles page and select vehicle inductions on the top toolbar. Click into the induction and select vehicles with this induction. From here, click new and add the vehicle to that induction and press create,

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