Vehicle Issues

This article goes over how to log and resolve Vehicle issues.

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Vehicle Issues help you log any damage or issues with vehicles, based on the severity it can remove it from the booking board. This feature also helps you keep track of which vehicles will need to be booked in for maintenance.

How to Create

  1. Go into the Vehicles section on the side tool bar

  2. Vehicle Issues is found on the top tool bar, it will open up to ever Vehicle that currently has an unresolved issue.

  3. Click +New to create a new issue. Add the Vehicles Registration, Issue Severity and Type a description of the issue. You can also add any tags.

  4. Click Create, it will now be listed in the Not resolved Vehicle issues.

How to Resolve

  1. Click on the specific Vehicle Issue Report

2. Click the resolved toggle in the report, this will now hide it from the vehicle issue page. It will also log the time that the issue was resolved.

3. Save

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