Traffio can make forms mandatory before works dockets are sent back to the office.

Dockets can still be submitted while some forms are missing, but workers will be required to explain why. This is useful in areas with poor mobile coverage where forms cannot be submitted, or when a staff member is replaced in the middle of a shift.

When a form is marked mandatory, the mobile app will display red "Required" placeholder forms in the booking, which workers can tap to start filling out.


To make a form mandatory:

  1. Click on Forms on the left-hand side.

  2. Open the form you would like to change.

  3. Turn on the This form is mandatory on bookings toggle in the Overview tab of the form. This is only visible when your form has been made available to bookings.

  4. Press Save.

When forms are mandatory, it is important to ensure you receive the correct amount of submissions. Some forms need to be filled out once per booking, others for each vehicle or each worker on a booking, etc. This is driven by the Available (for) field in the form's Overview tab.

If you need one form submission for each person, vehicle or equipment on the job:

  1. Change Available (for) to Bookings with specific resources;

  2. Nominate each resource that the form should be filled out for/by.

    For example, if every worker is required to complete a Worksite Assessment form, you could select the Spotter and Traffic Controller resources, or any other ones you may be using. The mobile app will then scan the booking for allocated Spotters and Traffic Controllers, and will require that an assessment is done for each person.

    For a Vehicle Pre-start Check form, you could nominate the Ute, TMA and Cone Truck resources. The app similarly scans the booking for Utes, TMAs and Cone Trucks, and requires that a form is filled out for each. Your own custom resources work just as well, as long as they can be allocated to a booking.

If you simply need at least one submission per booking:

  1. Change Available (for) to either Every booking, or Bookings for chosen depots, clients and projects.

    For example, if you have a Worksite Assessment form, the app will require that at least one is submitted. It does not matter who completes the form, as long as it is done.


  • Requirements-based items, such as stock or documents, are not supported.

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