Fuel Cards

This article describes how you can use Traffio manage and keep track of your vehicle-based accounts such as fuel cards.

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If you need to keep track of fuel cards, or other vehicle-based accounts, assigned to your vehicles, Traffio provides two dedicated interfaces called 'Cards' and 'Card Providers' which can be found in the 'Vehicles' area of the application.

Card Providers

Card Providers are the companies which provide the fuel card or account - eg; BP, Shell, Navman, etc. In more general terms, they group similar cards or accounts together.

You can create as many card providers as you like and name them according to your own conventions in order to manage your vehicle accounts more effectively. You can also specify an 'Expiry Warning Period' for each provider which dictates when you will start to see warning statuses in the 'cards' view about impending card or account expirations.


Cards, as the name suggests, are the fuel cards which are assigned to vehicles. These don't have to be just fuel cards however - any kind of vehicle-based account, such as for toll roads or fleet tracking, can be managed with the cards functionality.

Each card record may optionally specify an expiry date which will be highlighted in 'Status' column of the cards' table view. You can customise when these expiry warning will start to appear by modifying the 'Expiry Warning Period' field on the corresponding card provider record.

A vehicle's assigned cards can also be viewed from the 'Cards' tab on each individual vehicle.

Deprecated Card Functionality

This functionality replaces the ability to store E-Tag, ShellCard, BP Plus and Motorpass account numbers on each vehicle from the vehicle details screen.

For existing customers, all of these records have been migrated to the new card functionality.

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