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How to test out the Client Portal
How to test out the Client Portal

This guide explains how to create a Client Portal user account for yourself to test out the Client Portal

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There is the ability to check out the Client Portal from your client's perspective to see how it allows for improved communication and streamlines your operations. All you need to do is create a dummy user account for yourself by following these steps.

Firstly you Create a dummy Client contact for yourself by:

  1. Navigate to Clients in your business traffio portal

  2. Select Contacts

  3. Click the +New button

  4. Fill out mandatory fields as well as your email

  5. Create

Now you Send your dummy Client Contact an invitation by:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts area in Clients

  2. Find your dummy profile

  3. In the client portal column next to your name select Send invite to Client Portal

  4. Check your email inbox for the invitation email and then click the 'Connect with..' link.

From that email, you can now Set a password for your new Client Portal user account

  1. Clicking the email link will open a page in your browser with a form

  2. Enter a password for your account

  3. Agree to the T&C's

  4. Create

With your password set, you can now Log in to the Client Portal

  1. You should then see a success message appear with a link to log in to the Client Portal. You will also receive a confirmation email.

  2. Follow the link

  3. Click Login

  4. Enter your username (your email address) and password

This is an example of the invitation email you will receive:

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