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Managing Client Portal users
Managing Client Portal users

This guide explains how to manage Client Contacts who are connected with your business in the Client Portal

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After a Client Contact has accepted an invitation to connect with your business in the Client Portal they will then be able to view all of the shared data between your two businesses in their portal.

How do I invite a client contact to the client portal

  1. Navigate to the Clients section

  2. Select the Contact tab on the top tab bar

  3. Select the contact you want to give access to

  4. Click send invite to Client Portal

How do I revoke a Client Contact's access to the Client Portal?

  1. Navigate to the Clients section

  2. Open a Client

  3. Click on the 'Contacts' tab

  4. Open the Contact you want to remove

  5. Click 'Block from Client Portal'

Blocking will unlink the Client Contact from their Client Portal user account.

This will stop them from accessing your company data in the Client Portal.

The Client Contact won't receive invitations to connect in the Client Portal via automated emails (if auto-invitations are enabled).

Unblocking a Client Contact

From this same view, click 'Unblock from Client Portal'. You will now be able to send a new invitation to the Client Contact to connect in the Client Portal. If auto-invitations are enabled they will now also receive those invitation links in booking/invoice/docket emails.

Updating a Client Contact's basic details

If a Client Contact updates their contact details in their Client Portal user account and it no longer matches the values you have stored, you will notice an info message appear beneath the affected text fields.

E.g: "This phone number does not match the phone number in the contact's Client Portal account: 0423456789"

We don't force update these changes but instead let you review and update them if desired.

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