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Create Kit and Assets
Create Kit and Assets

How to create Kit and Assets.

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Kit and Assets allow you to store individual items and monitor their allocation along with reallocation. These features help you keep track of each individual item.
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Kit refers to branded uniforms or PPE that your company supplies to employees, this may be done as a once-off or periodically. While creating kit you can give it a default value and category.

How to create a piece of Kit

  1. Select Kit/Assets

  2. Click kit on the top tab

  3. +New

  4. Fill in kit information, value and kit category

  5. Create

Monitor Kit Allocation

Kit allocation can be monitored and filtered by person, depot and item.

How to allocate kit

  1. Select Kit/Asset

  2. Navigate to the Kit Allocation tab

  3. Click Allocate Kit for bulk allocation or +New for a singular item allocation

  4. Select the employee from the drop-down. Fill in allocation details

  5. Create

โ€‹Bulk kit allocation

Singular kit allocation

How to return kit

  1. Navigate to Kit/Assets

  2. Select Kit Allocation on the top tab bar

  3. Click +New

  4. Fill in the kit details and toggle on the Returning Items toggle

  5. Create


Assets are smaller pieces of equipment you allocate to your staff such as laptops, mobile phones, two-way radios and wands.

How to create Assets

  1. Select Kit/Asses

  2. Choose Assets on the top tab bar

  3. + New

  4. Fill in Asset details

    Filling in an expiry date will allow the system to notify you when it will expire soon.

  5. Create

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