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Client Portal FAQ

This article answers the frequently asked questions about Client Portal.

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To help you use the Client Portal confidently, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.


What is Client Portal?

What do clients see and do in the Client Portal?

  • View bookings' current status

  • View booking documents & notes

  • View booking permits

  • View booking dockets

  • View forms submitted on-site

  • View their archived bookings and projects

Can I see the Clint portal from a client's perspective?

What is my Client Portal User name?

  • Your Client Portal user name is your email address.

What's the URL for the client portal?

Will every client contact be sent an invite?

  • NO, these invite links will only be attached to booking emails sent to client contacts from when it's switched on. Old or not-in-use client contacts will not receive this link.

Can client contacts edit anything?

  • No, the client portal is read-only. The client portal is a centralised location where your clients can view all the booking information that you already send to them via email.

Inviting & managing Clients Contact Access

Who can I invite to access the Client Portal?

  • You're able to invite any of the contacts that you have set up the Clients tab. These contacts must have a valid email so we can send them the invitation.

How do I send clients invites to the Client Portal?

Can I revoke a Client Contacts access to the Client Portal?


Do Clients see our internal notes?

  • No, while creating notes within a booking, there is the option to enable the toggle which means it's not visible to your Clients.

Can we control the documents clients see?

  • Yes, when you upload a document you can choose in its details to have it not visible to clients.

Do Clients see every form our workers fill out on the field?

  • No, similar to notes and documents. there is a toggle in your forms that allows you to choose which ones are able to be viewed by the clients.

Can Client contacts see the job permits?

  • Yes, The client contacts have access to view the permit for that booking.

Can clients see rate schedules or invoices?

  • No, rate schedules and billing are not viewable by clients in this portal.

Do clients see the field workers' information?

  • No, Client contacts do not receive the field workers' information in the portal. When scheduled the Clients can see the booking requirement but can only see the names of the workers who were scheduled when the docket is submitted.

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