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Assigning a vehicle to a person
Assigning a vehicle to a person

Set a take home vehicle to a person

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If an employee has a take-home company vehicle, you can assign a vehicle to the employee so that the system knows that the two resources are to be paired when creating a booking.

How to assign a vehicle

  1. Navigate to the People page.

  2. Select the Employee you want to assign the vehicle too

  3. Scroll down on the overview tab until you find Assigned Vehicles.

  4. Select the vehicle

  5. Click Save.

Using assigned vehicles on the booking board

Once a vehicle is assigned to a person. The booking board will always pair them. In the booking board's resource section, you can see which vehicles are paired by the icons next to their name.

In the vehicle tab, there will be a person symbol.

In the person tab, there will be a vehicle symbol.

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