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Employment Status
Employment Status

This guide explains how Employment Statuses work in Traffio

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Traffio's Employment Status functionality is designed to help keep your staff list organised and up-to-date by assisting with the process of onboarding, reviewing and off-boarding staff.

Employment statuses


Once an employee is created in the portal, their status is defaulted to Candidate. At this stage, they do not have access to the app.


The employee is hired and sent their login credentials to access the app. The employee is not approved to work and by default is hidden from being scheduled on jobs on the booking board.


The employee has started the onboarding process, until onboarded they're not approved to work.


The new hire doesn't complete onboarding and ends the application.


Onboarding is complete and the probation period starts. The employee is now approved to work.


Probation is completed and the employee is active to be scheduled.


Reserve employees are those who are not frequently used or backups to be scheduled during busy periods. These employees are hidden by default on the bookings board because they're not frequently scheduled.


Employees under disciplinary review, they're still approved to work and can be scheduled. they're still approved to work.


The employee's employment has been suspended, they're no longer approved to work and are hidden by default on the booking board.


The employee has either given notice or they are being dismissed. Terminating employees are currently off-boarding. These employees are still approved to work and have access to the app until the finish-up date.


The employee's employment contract has ended. They are no longer approved to work and have access to the app.

Automating employment status changes

There is a degree of built-in automation for managing employment statuses in Traffio. Employment Statuses are designed to follow the Employment Dates set for people in Traffio.

Employment Dates

Start Date
This is the date the person started working for the business.
This date is not linked to any employment statuses and is only used for calculating work anniversaries.
Note: If a Start Date hasn't been set, it will be auto-populated with the earliest of either the Probation or Active Date if and when they are set.

Probation Date
This is the date from which the person will begin their Probation period.
When this date reaches, the person's Employment Status will automatically be set to Probation if they are currently marked as either Candidate, Recruited or Onboarding.

Note: If you have a default probation period enabled, the Active Date will be calculated and auto-populated after a Probation Date is set.

Active Date
This is the date from which the person will become Active.

When this date reaches, the person's Employment Status will automatically be set to Active if they are currently marked as either Candidate, Recruited, Onboarding or Probation.

Finish up Date

This is the date the person is scheduled to finish working for the business.

If set, when this date has passed the person's Employment Status will automatically be set to be Terminated if they're not already marked accordingly.

Manually updating a person’s employment status

An employee's employment status can be manually updated within their profile. The panel along the top of the profile depicts their current employment status.

To change click on the desired employment status button you wish to apply for that person and Save.

Note: Please be aware of the person's Employment Dates and how they are designed to sync the Employment Status, as explained above.

Generating Traffio login credentials

Traffio login credentials are generated and sent to new users based on their Employment Status. When their status is changed to Recruited onwards they are considered employed, and their Traffio login credentials will then be generated and sent to them based on their preferred contact method.

The History tab in a Person's profile includes entries for when a person's initial password is generated and sent out, and also for whenever their password is reset.

Filter people by employment status

You can quickly filter through employment status types.

  1. Navigate to the People tab in the left sidebar.

  2. In the top filter bar, click on Employment Status

  3. Select the status from the dropdown list to filter the list of people by

  4. Click Filter

To remove a status from the filter, click the ‘x’ to the left of its name

Assigning people to Bookings

By default the list of available employees under the Resources tab will only show people with an Employment status that is 'approved to work' (see Employment Status flow diagram above).

Default hidden statuses


People with the employment status of Reserved will be hidden by default.

To include Reserve staff in this list, click on Is Reserve under the “Show/Hide” heading

Unapproved (Recruited, Onboarding & Suspended)

To include people who are not approved to work in this list, click on “Unapproved” under the “Show/Hide” heading.

It is possible to assign Unapproved people to a booking, however, a warning label will appear below their name on the booking tile.

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