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Self-managed leave
Self-managed leave

This article goes over everything you need to know about leave that is managed through the mobile app.

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Self-managed leave is a feature within the Trafio app that allows your field workers to enter their leave requests for approval. This is viewable at any time in the app in the leave tab. This is a monthly calendar view that shows their approved and requested leave.

Traffio Self-managed leave tab

Getting Started

New permissions have been added relating to leave. To be able to use this feature the permission toggles must be enabled. This can be granted by those with Administrator or Manager access.

Self-managed leave by default is disabled. so workers are able o view their leave, but unable to enter new leave requests. To allow field workers to send new requests, managers must enable the configuration within Traffio.

Enabling Self Managed leave

  1. Navigate to Admin

  2. Select Traffio Configs

  3. Search "Worker can submit leave requests"

  4. Select config

  5. Select Enabled in config option drop-down

  6. Save


Leave visibility

Traffio's leave module is sometimes used to make field workers unavailable for reasons that have nothing to do with leave. In certain cases, you may not even want workers to know about it.
Extra measures were put into place to give you control over which leave records they can view.

  • Leave submitted by the worker themself is always visible.

  • Leave entered by office staff is only visible when:

    • it has no Leave Type at all; or

    • it has a Leave Type that is explicitly set to "visible to workers."

System-generated leave entries as a result of the worker rejecting a booking are never visible.


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